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I am broadly interested in the thermodynamic processes that lead to the generation of igneous and metamorphic rocks, particularly on those related with the evolution of magmas and their mineral phases, and how to quantify the evolution in terms of composition, pressure and temperature. I have developed and applied geothermobarometers (based on thermodynamic equilibrium of mineral phases) to determine the pressure and temperature evolution of ascending melts to understand magma recharge and mixing events, which are key processes in eruption triggering (e.g. Cortés et al in press; Cortés et al., 2006). As such, my research has contributed to the broader understanding of eruptive processes within a range of tectonic settings by providing information critical to deciphering the state and conditions of the magmas as they ascend through the crust (e.g. Cortés et al 2005; Cortés et al 2007). Recently, I have also incorporated kinetic aspects particularly the study of the crystal size distribution of mineral phases into my modelling (e.g. Cortés et al in press). The volcanic and tectonic environments within which I have worked include: high-potassium volcanic systems (Stromboli, Aeolian Islands); high alumina, calc-alkaline basaltic andesite persistently active systems in the Southern Andean Volcanic Zone (Villarrica and Llaima volcanoes); rhyolite volcanism associated with Caldera volcanism in the Central Andes (La Pacana Caldera, Northern Chile); and recently monogenetic volcanism in an intraplate setting (Lunar crater volcanic field, Nevada, USA). Although I employ principally theoretical and analytical approaches in my work, I also have a strong field-based background. Through my work for the Chilean Geological and Mining Survey Sernageomin, and subsequently during NSF-supported fieldwork in both, Chile and Nevada, I have gained experience mapping diverse volcanic terrains in remote environments (e.g. Cortés et al 2013; 2015; Valentine et al., 2017; and SERNAGEOMIN Maps: Cortés 2000; Cortés et al., 2007; De la Cruz and Cortés, 2012; Cortés 2012).
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Publications (some for Downloading)

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